Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Motivation with Bukola #20 - Featuring Cheranissa Roach

This edition of Monday Motivation with Bukola features Cheranissa Roach.
Cheranissa Roach is President and Chief Executive Officer of C.D.R. Consulting LLC. She conducts seminars and workshops for corporations and individuals. The seminars and workshops include Diversity and Multiculturalism, Women’s Issues and Women’s Journey to Wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit. Ms. Roach is a certified Diversity Trainer and a Certified Wellness Trainer with the Professional Woman Network. She is also a Certified Christian Life Coach.

Ms. Roach’s knowledge of business and professionalism is supported by working with corporations, non-profits and faith-based organizations for over 20 years. She has over 15 years in Human Relations and Customer Service and over 5 years in Operations Management with State Government. She has also participated in Leadership Teams and Training and Development of staff.

Among her accomplishments are co-authoring two books, “Emotional Wellness for Women volume III and Learning to Love yourself, A handbook for the African-American Woman.” and “22Wisdom Keys; Reflections of a Modern Proverbs 31 Wife” She also holds a Master of Science Administration degree with specialization in Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

Ms. Roach is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, but most of all a friend. She enjoys traveling, entertaining family and friends, and good conversation. She is a believer of Christ and lives her life based on Philippians 2:4, “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” It is this sprit that she seeks to encourage and empower women.

Co-author of Emotional Wellness for Women-Volume III (May 2008)
Co-author of Learning to Love Yourself: A Handbook for the African American Woman (Jan 2009)
Co-Author 22 Wisdom Keys: Reflections of a Modern Proverbs 31 Wife (July 2015)

•Certified Wellness Trainer
•Certified Diversity Trainer
•Enterprise Development Initiative
•Certified Christian Life Coach
●Motivational Interviewing
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